ClubAdminAssistant is the on-line solution for any course provider looking to reduce the time and effort taken to manage and maintain a smooth running club.

Your ClubAdminAssistant will be tailored to your needs, giving you a bespoke solution at off-the-shelf prices.


ClubAdminAssistant has been specifically designed for anyone to use regardless of I.T. experience and to run on any desktop computer, laptop or tablet device.

Each user will see only what they need to see. This reduces complexity and increases data security.


ClubAdminAssistant pricing is charged monthly, with no contracts. This means we must work hard to keep you, not the other way around.

Why struggle with spreadsheets?

Prices start from as little as £10 per month so any size of club can benefit.


ClubAdminAssistant access is secured using 256-bit StrongArm Web Security™ and backed-up daily to ensure the data (which you exclusively own) is safe.

Our data center is situated under the City of London in ex-MoD facilities. Support is based in the UK.



We believe that technology can make our lives more efficient and effective


Reduce administrative burden

Maximise staff efficiency


ClubAdminAssistant takes away the time consuming chores enabling staff to work on more important things


ClubAdminAssistant offers:

  • the management of badges, courses, waiting lists, transfers, ad hoc courses and competitions
  • it takes care of billing both for courses and merchandise
  • it can automatically request funds from members taking away the time consuming task of manually requesting fees to be paid
  • it has a facility for bespoke reports – you can ask for reports for anything based on your data
  • it manages member information and can be integrated with your existing website (or we can provide a website for you) to ask for waiting list and registration data directly
  • and much, much more…


Contact us for a free, no obligation trial to find out how ClubAdminAssistant can work for you